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We provide a number of services 


Self Service Microbubble Wash and Towel Dry

The Microbubble wash and dry, plus our top of the range shampoos will have your dog as clean as it’s ever been. Some dogs just can’t handle the noise and the sensation of our state of the art power dryers, then just have a towel dry instead and we’ll ensure you’re equipped with fresh towels. A deep clean without the drama.
30 minute slots.


Self Service Microbubble Wash and Power Dry

The deepest clean you’ve ever given your dog, Microbubbles help clean the skin as well as coat. You’ll also have some of the best shampoos on the market to ensure a healthy finish on your dogs coat. Our power dryers are the best on the market, with double motors to ensure you do a professional job very quickly. Always make sure you do a towel dry first for the best results. 30 Minute slots.


Just leave it to us, why? 

We’ve trained and experienced staff who ensure a great job is done. You can relax, go grab a coffee and return 30 minutes later to a very, very clean dog.
Our staff have had the experience of dealing with thousands of different dogs, all with their own personalities. Not too many dogs enjoy bath time, we do our best to make it as fun of an experience as possible. 30 minute slots.

Light Scissor Cuts

it’s not a styling, it’s just for good hygiene.
Eyes- a light trim around the eyes, ideal if your dog is between grooms and is finding it hard to see through the fluff.

Bum- light scissor trim to prevent anything for sticking to your dogs bum, it’s not a styling, it’s just for good hygiene.

Nail Clipping & Ear cleaning

important For Good Hygiene.
Nail Clipping- Nails getting too long can lead to a host of big problems, from surgery to arthritis. Keep your dogs nails in check always.
Ear cleaning- We have the know-how and the products to give your dogs ear a good surface clean. For any ear infections, then we recommend a vet.
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